The Right Time To Say “I Love You”

Saying I love you for the first time is one of the sweetest things a person can do in his life and hearing it for the first time is one of the best experiences one can have, especially if the feeling is mutual. However, there are risks that are involved in saying I love you and if it is not done properly, all will be going down the drain from there.

Timing is one of the most essential elements in expressing ones love towards another person. Knowing when to express ones love can seal the deal between two potential lovers.

Here are some things which should be taken into consideration when planning to profess love to another person:


Saying I love you will bring a person into new horizons. Most often than not, saying I love you entails readiness to enter in a commitment. You profess your love with an assumption that you are ready to take in new challenges and that you are ready share yourself with someone else. The process shouldnt be done haphazardly.

An assessment of ones readiness to enter a relationship is a prerequisite to saying I love you. Every facet should be taken into consideration since a commitment entails additional time, effort and a decrease in the benefits one gets as a single person.

-Do you really love her?

A careful assessment of ones feelings should also be done before saying I love you. When people date, feelings are often mixed and one feeling can be interpreted as another. Feelings of infatuation, admiration and lust can become synonymous to feelings of love especially when the relationship is in its heat.

One must ask himself if he really loves her a thousand times before professing his love to her. It sounds like a clich but this must be done so as to avoid making mistakes regarding this matter.

– Consequences

One must weight down the consequences which will be brought by saying I love you. There are times when the right thing to do is to say nothing at all. At times, being silent about ones feelings is a way to manifest true love.

Many people fall in love with married persons. This is a classic example which can be used to describe the importance of weighting the consequences of saying I love you. Refraining from saying those three words maybe the right thing to do in this situation.

-Read her thoughts

In saying I love you, one must be ready for whatever response that is to be given by the listener. Maybe not all relationships get past the I-love-you stage, but there are relationships which can really benefit from the right timing of saying I love you.

If one feels that the feeling is mutual, this is a good sign to continue. But of course, evaluating the girls thoughts should be done with complete honesty so as not to force the issue.

-The moment

When all the assessments have been done, it all boils down to timing. If one wishes to say I love you to another person, it would be best if he does it in style so as to make a good impression and to show his sincerity in saying it. Several things should be taken into consideration when planning for this moment. The schedule, venue and mood should be set to be able to get the best delivery. Practicing in front of a mirror might seem pathetic but it would definitely help.

-Be ready for her response

Saying I love you is a very exciting moment and the risks that it carries add up to its excitement. When someone says I love you he must be prepared to take whatever response is given to him. Not all love stories end in happy endings. Think about possible situations which can happen after you say I love you. The response can bring utmost happiness or crushing hurt to the person who is professing his love. Be careful and learn to accept her feelings.

Saying I love you can be a daunting task. A lot of preparation should be done to be able to get to that specific moment that could lead to a new relationship. Not all things go into the plan but no matter how lousy one gets when professing his love, it shouldn’t really matter as long as he’s sincere and he knows what he is doing.


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