The Best Tips For Modelling Jobs

You’ll be delighted when you get your first modeling job but the work starts well before the photographer clicks the shutter.

Getting your first modeling job is a real thrill, and you’ll want to be sure that you create the right impression with the photographer, the art director and any representative of the company and agency that you’re working for. After all, if you work well with these people, they’re more likely to remember you in the future and perhaps book you for other jobs.

Like most jobs, there are some key tips that will help you further your modeling career before you even get in front of the camera:

– Make a note of date, time and place – Carry a paper or electronic diary, so that when your agency calls with a job you can book it in exactly. If you don’t know where the studio or venue is, get directions from your agent. If you turn up at the wrong place, everyone will put a black mark against your name.

– Arrive early – There’s usually a lot to do in preparation for a shoot. If you turn up early, it gives the photographer the opportunity to try out his set-up, and for the make-up and hair stylists to get to work.

– Take the right things – When your agent calls, make sure you ask if you need to bring anything with your clothes or accessories etc. Before you leave home, check that you’ve got everything you’ve been asked to bring, including your portfolio if required. This will help you to be prepared for the shoot, and not waste time.

– No Make-up – Unless you’ve been told to wear make-up, go without any on. This will save time for the make-up artist at the shoot.

– Use dependable transport. – If your car breaks down, it will make you late for your appointment. Make sure that your car is regularly serviced and always has enough petrol in the tank to get you to your destination. If you’re using public transport, make sure you leave enough time for you to miss a service, take the next one and still get there on time.

– Network – Even if this is your first modelling job, it pays to chat to all the people there. A friendly, reliable, hard working model is more likely to get work than a late, non-communicative one. Take every opportunity to get to know the people in the room and make sure they know where you can be contacted.

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